Food and Wine Guide | Italy – Malta

The Food Couture Company

We are a Food Company with an Italian Heart. Il cuore da leone!

At food-coutoure we prepare all our food inhouse, the meat is sourced from free range farms, be it sheep, cows, pigs or chicken

Our top selling prodoucts are proscuitto, salami milano, parmeggiono reggiano and chianti sourced all the way from tuscany in Italy.

While our products might seem to be really expensive if you understand the quality of ingredients and the processes that goes into the product from start to finish, you will be more than happy to pay something extra for a high quality, 100 % organic food.

Cuocere a vapore per mantenere quel gusto del palato e da prfessionisti. panna fresca, latte intero, yogurt bianco, cannella, farina integrale, amido di mais, olio di oliva sono tutto ingredienti naturali.

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Vai a Scaldare il forno e prepara l cibo buono. Buon apetitio!